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Second State

Fast, safe, portable & serverless. Build Rust apps for Node.js or as a FaaS (Function as a Service). Deploy safely & efficiently in WebAssembly.

Pinned repositories

  1. SSVM is a high performance, extensible, and hardware optimized WebAssembly Virtual Machine for cloud, AI, and blockchain applications.

    C++ 352 15

  2. SOLL is a new compiler for generate Ewasm from solidity and yul. See a demo here:

    C++ 305 4

  3. A browser-based IDE for creating, deploying, and sharing blockchain apps (DApps, or decentralized apps). Publish your first blockchain DApps in 5 minutes! Here is how:…

    Vue 374 3

  4. A no-code, no-software and no-cost solution to publishing sophisticated web sites managed by non-technical people.

    HTML 10 88

  5. Rust by Example -- Extended Edition

    Dockerfile 41 1

  6. An open key management service to support privacy-first and scalable file sharing.

    Rust 32 1


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